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islam is not ….

Islam is the religious belief of the descendants of Ishmael, son of Abram. Ishmael was born to the pagan Abram, whom GOD called out of Ur of the Chaldeans. Judaism and Christianity are faiths from the descendants of Isaac, the … Continue reading

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Falling away… Salt without savor.

Just read about the popularity of a pastor in Charlotte who wrote a blog entitled “If I Have Gay Children:  Four Promises From A Christian Pastor/Parent“.  What an open door for satan this is!  Because he, John Pavlovitz, has already set … Continue reading

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Throwing Money At It?

JESUS says the poor will be with us always. Spiritually speaking, how many of us are committing negligent homicide when addressing the needs of the suffering?   Sometimes telling them the truth about their situation is the only way to help … Continue reading

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What is a “Renaissance Christian©” ?

ren·ais·sance   (rĕn’ĭ-säns’, -zäns’, rĕn’ĭ-säns’, -zäns’, rĭ-nā’səns) n. A rebirth or revival. A revival of intellectual or artistic achievement and vigor Renaissance Christian© defined: A born again believer in the salvatory redemptive work of JESUS CHRIST on the cross who understands … Continue reading

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