Why Practicing Homosexuality (or any sin) makes no sense.

There are no legitimate arguments for the perverted practice of homosexuality that a true child of the LIVING GOD can put forth. To proclaim oneself a christian while trying to justify homosexuality puts a person squarely in the camp of the adversary.

First, a truly born again believer in CHRIST JESUS knows that everything was formed for a purpose and a reason. That being said, the human body is formed for a specificpurpose and a reason according to the plan of the ALMIGHTY GOD . When one is putting forth an argument for homosexuality, one must in all honesty, look beyond the sentimental and emotional response. One must look at the physiological, psychological , emotional, and spiritual condition of those who put participate in the perversion.

Physiologically, the very act of homosexuality is genocidal and unhealthy. The ingestion of human waste during the act causes disease. This is biologically true. When looking at the research of the CDC, the AMA and other non-religious organizations of scientific note, the physical health of homosexual practitioners and the conditions that affect their well-being are well documented: intestinal parasites, increases in cancers, shingles, and other abhorrent diseases, (especially aids/hiv, which has now transferred to the heterosexual population) caused by the abuse of the human body is apparent. The life expectancy and quality of life among homosexual practioners is proven to be far below that of those who live their lives in the GOD-ordained heterosexual way.
(to be continued)
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