Why Practicing Homosexuality (or any sin) makes no sense (Part 2)

Psychologically, homosexual practitioners and others who involve themselves in sexual perversions suffer from higher rates of mental and emotional anguish. It has been scientifically proven that individuals in this death style are more prone to suicide, depression, and other forms of mental unease. The practice creates a necessity to dull the senses via abuse of drugs and alcohol. Again, these statistics are well-known and documented, although they are not well received. They are deliberately buried under the thundering whine of those who desire humanity’s justification of their sin. The shame of the practice creates an atmosphere rife with risky behavior. Knowing that The ALMIGHTY GOD wants humanity to live in health, the presence of mental unbalance proves that the practice of homosexuality is ungodly.
(To be continued)
©2014. hgthomas. All rights reserved.

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