Why are there Prostitutes in the Land? The spiritual degradation of America

Today as I was reading the news, a particular article really got my attention.

The White House has appointed a man by the name of Jeremy Bernard to the position of social secretary. According to the article, this is historic for two reasons: He is the first male social secretary. And, yep, you guessed it, he’s a practicing homosexual.

A couple of weeks ago, one of our ministers was teaching on the mercy and Wisdom of Solomon as demonstrated by his decision regarding the living child of the prostitute. One of the things he said was, it is interesting that prostitutes were given audience with the king in the first place. This started me thinking. And I realized that there was a perfectly normal for that to occur.

Well, why is that you are asking?

Here is why:

Prostitutes were in the land because of all the ‘foreign women’ in the palace. Prostitution was a form of worship for many of the women who were allowed to enter Israel through marriage/political alliance with the king. These prostitutes were part and parcel of the religious practices of Solomon’s wives and concubines, hence, they were given access to the seat of power through their relationship with Solomon’s ‘harem’.
Also, we can surmise that temple prostitution not only provided these women with access to the seat of power, it also was quite lucrative financially. Being who they were and operating under the ways that they brought with them, these women may have also bribed their way into the presence of the king.
The fact that Solomon himself had no problem with them petitioning him for justice says that even the leadership had become complacent to the existence of the ungodly in the land, thereby leading the people into corruption through their own sin.

These things being said, take this opportunity to turn your attention to the headlines regarding the newest member of the White House staff. Closeness to the seat of power….

It’s always about an agenda and relationship.

Our complacency has allowed this.

May the LORD give us courage, because we will be required to take back territory, and many of us have ‘feeble knees’.

This is a fight for territory, mainly the marriage covenant GOD HIMSELF ordained and the minds and hearts of our children.

LORD, help us to gird ourselves in the whole armor of GOD. LORD, give us strength to fight the Good Fight of Faith and take back territory, acting justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with YOU, in the Name of JESUS. Amen.

©2011.   Zamar InterActive/MultiMedia, LLC. All rights reserved.

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