The Bullying Agenda, Part 2

Know your enemy. We who are in CHRIST only have one. However, know how he uses human beings to carry out his plan.
The homosexual practicing community will attach themselves to any situation that will get you to become emotionally attached. Emotional attachment gets many of us in trouble. We are called to be emotionally mature. That means that we have to know the difference between sentiment (allowing our ‘woowoo, poor you’ backpatting moments to engage us in ungodly alliance with the deliberately rebellious) and compassion (which causes us to judge the spiritual condition righteously, while ministering to the spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical needs of the one who is in darkness.) It means that yes, we feed those who are suffering from disease, but if that disease is caused by ungodly activity, let them know that although GOD is indeed LOVE Personified, their activity is abhorrent to HIM and that the penalty of sin is disease and death…not just in body, but in mind and spirit too.

This is an area that the HOLY SPIRIT’s Counsel is very much needed, because the battle lines of this particular spiritual attack have been drawn, with the use of the media.

Know your enemy. Watch and Pray.

© 2011.   Zamar InterActive / MultiMedia, LLC. All rights reserved.

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