The Bullying Agenda, Part 1

To Christian parents: Bullying is nothing new. Everyone has been bullied at some point. It is a condition of the fallen state of human beings. It definately proves that your children are not born as little angels. Social issues should be judged and corrected by the WORD of GOD.
Your child wasn’t born ‘born again’. Even if your water broke while you sat in the sanctuary of some church or other, your child is not born again just because they were born to you. Being born again of the SPIRIT of GOD takes a decision…. So how do we protect our children from the wiles of the enemy? First, be born again and serious about it. Read the WORD! GOD bless the men and women in the pulpit, but they are only servants of GOD, not GOD HIMSELF. Know the LORD for yourself! Then lead and guide your children in all truth and encourage them to become born again through a decision they make for themselves. Pray for them, but most of all, pray with them. Teach them how to pray by example. Listen to the Voice of the LORD and show them how to hear from the LORD. If indeed no weapon formed against you shall prosper, why should you or your children be afraid of a bully?

What is bullying?
Bullying is defined as:
the act of intimidating a weaker person to make them do something

And because the Bride of CHRIST is seen as weak, the ungodly try to bully her.

But GOD! is our Shield and Fortress, the Deliverer from all who oppose HIM and HIS people.

Let’s look at bullying from a Biblical Standpoint.
Moses was bullied by Pharoah.
Joseph was bullied by his brothers (see, family can bully too) and Potipher’s wife.
Lot was bullied by the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah.
David was bullied by a lion, a bear and Saul and Goliath.
Elijah was bullied by Jezebel (see, bullying isn’t gender specific.)
Paul was bullied by Rome.
JESUS was bullied by satan in the wilderness….
So, what makes you think you won’t be bullied.
And who won in all these cases?
The list goes on and on….
And did I mention Daniel, whose name was changed to Belteshazzar? He didn’t care if they changed his name, but the administrators and satraps tried to bully him into deserting his GOD, the ONE TRUE and LIVING GOD. And in response, what did Daniel do? He went into the upper room of his house, threw open his windows and prayed to the LORD GOD in the sight of everyone in his neighborhood, even on pain of death.
And he was delivered out of the mouths of the lions, the very lions his jealous bullying co-workers had hoped would eat him up. But who ended up being the lions’ dinner, eh?
To defeat the spirit of intimidation/bullying, strike the head, who is satan, who operates through the bullying human being. Do this with prayer, forgiveness, boldness in the LORD. After all, is not satan the shepherd of his sheep? Then if you strike him with the WORD of GOD, the sWORD of Truth, the spirit of intimidation has to flee.

After all, the LORD GOD has never and will never lose a battle.

May the LORD bless HIS WORD and HIS TEACHING and cause the eyes of HIS people to be opened to the strength thatis theirs by HIS HOLY SPIRIT and in HIS MIGHTY, MATCHLESS NAME!!!
MARANATHA! Come LORD JESUS!Let GOD arise, let GOD arise. LORD, let YOUR enemies be scattered. Ps. 68:1-3
Stop allowing social media dictate to you what is important.
If GOD be for us, who can stand against us?
– © 2011.   Zamar InterActive/MultiMedia, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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