Falling away… Salt without savor.

Just read about the popularity of a pastor in Charlotte who wrote a blog entitled “If I Have Gay Children:  Four Promises From A Christian Pastor/Parent“.  What an open door for satan this is!  Because he, John Pavlovitz, has already set the stage for sin to come in and rule over his offspring. (Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.)   This man is sadly deluded, and GOD knows what fruit this will bring forth.
What does JESUS say? HE says male and female, as it was from the Beginning. (Mark 10:6, Matthew 11:4, Genesis). Scripture interprets Scripture. Scripture is not interpreted for the Church by the world. If the salt loses its savor, it is only fit to be thrown out.
It is indeed the time of sifting. There are many who have entered into the fold who are not one of us.
Obviously, John has not done an in depth study of the physiology, biology, or spirituality of the spirit of homosexuality.  Obviously he has no idea that this perversion is part of the practice of pagan ba’al worshippers in ancient times.  Obviously he has no clue that the ALMIGHTY GOD put boundaries around certain behaviors so as to protect human life.  Therefore I have to ask, what type of pastor does not have a clear understanding of sin and its consequences?  What type of pastor opens the door to acceptance of sin?
Sanctification unto GOD is a choice. Just as practicing homosexual perversion is a choice. I would have to ask the pastor if he had done what is told us to do, to protect our children and raise them up in the way they should go, or if his humanistic permissive parenting exposed them to ungodly people, practices and behaviors, practices and behaviors satan used to help discredit him from being a true witness of the Gospel.
Truly the fear of the LORD (awesome reverence and respect) has eluded this man. There is a difference between sentiment and compassion. I have compassion for those who struggle with sin. But I am not sentimental about it.
I have found that there are many self described Christians who have jumped on the bandwagon of secular popularity to build a following.
I would suggest that Pastor Pavlovitz examine his heart and his motives.  Because James 3 states that those who think they have authority over the flock will be judged much more harshly than those of us in the flock….
Take that to heart, pastor.

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