Throwing Money At It?

JESUS says the poor will be with us always.

Spiritually speaking, how many of us are committing negligent homicide when addressing the needs of the suffering?   Sometimes telling them the truth about their situation is the only way to help them get out of it.   It seems that we as born again believers need to stand up against the tide of moral irrespojsibility and stop staying in the comfort zone of our cowardice. We see situations and .throw money at it, without giving the greatest gift of all….Speaking to that sin that so easily besets humanity in The TRUTH.  WHO is CHRIST JESUS. We keep bending the standard HE set for us in HIS WORD. We’ve become cliched Christians with passionless prayers and lukewarm love. We’ve become armchair Christians, happy to observe the suffering instead of getting on the battlefield of the two step program…pray then act. We’ve spent billions of dollars helping individuals who really need a prophetic correction: “Repent and be liberated from the bondage of sin and the horrifying effects of it.’

Watch and pray….then act.

Helen Thomas, (c) 2011 Zamar InterActive / MultiMedia, LLC. All rights reserved

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