Send them back….

If you are so good at what you do, why don’t you stay in your native land and do it there?

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Why Practicing Homosexuality (or any sin) makes no sense (Part 2)

Psychologically, homosexual practitioners and others who involve themselves in sexual perversions suffer from higher rates of mental and emotional anguish. It has been scientifically proven that individuals in this death style are more prone to suicide, depression, and other forms of mental unease. The practice creates a necessity to dull the senses via abuse of drugs and alcohol. Again, these statistics are well-known and documented, although they are not well received. They are deliberately buried under the thundering whine of those who desire humanity’s justification of their sin. The shame of the practice creates an atmosphere rife with risky behavior. Knowing that The ALMIGHTY GOD wants humanity to live in health, the presence of mental unbalance proves that the practice of homosexuality is ungodly.
(To be continued)
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Why Practicing Homosexuality (or any sin) makes no sense.

There are no legitimate arguments for the perverted practice of homosexuality that a true child of the LIVING GOD can put forth. To proclaim oneself a christian while trying to justify homosexuality puts a person squarely in the camp of the adversary.

First, a truly born again believer in CHRIST JESUS knows that everything was formed for a purpose and a reason. That being said, the human body is formed for a specificpurpose and a reason according to the plan of the ALMIGHTY GOD . When one is putting forth an argument for homosexuality, one must in all honesty, look beyond the sentimental and emotional response. One must look at the physiological, psychological , emotional, and spiritual condition of those who put participate in the perversion.

Physiologically, the very act of homosexuality is genocidal and unhealthy. The ingestion of human waste during the act causes disease. This is biologically true. When looking at the research of the CDC, the AMA and other non-religious organizations of scientific note, the physical health of homosexual practitioners and the conditions that affect their well-being are well documented: intestinal parasites, increases in cancers, shingles, and other abhorrent diseases, (especially aids/hiv, which has now transferred to the heterosexual population) caused by the abuse of the human body is apparent. The life expectancy and quality of life among homosexual practioners is proven to be far below that of those who live their lives in the GOD-ordained heterosexual way.
(to be continued)
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Why are there Prostitutes in the Land? The spiritual degradation of America

Today as I was reading the news, a particular article really got my attention.

The White House has appointed a man by the name of Jeremy Bernard to the position of social secretary. According to the article, this is historic for two reasons: He is the first male social secretary. And, yep, you guessed it, he’s a practicing homosexual.

A couple of weeks ago, one of our ministers was teaching on the mercy and Wisdom of Solomon as demonstrated by his decision regarding the living child of the prostitute. One of the things he said was, it is interesting that prostitutes were given audience with the king in the first place. This started me thinking. And I realized that there was a perfectly normal for that to occur.

Well, why is that you are asking?

Here is why:

Prostitutes were in the land because of all the ‘foreign women’ in the palace. Prostitution was a form of worship for many of the women who were allowed to enter Israel through marriage/political alliance with the king. These prostitutes were part and parcel of the religious practices of Solomon’s wives and concubines, hence, they were given access to the seat of power through their relationship with Solomon’s ‘harem’.
Also, we can surmise that temple prostitution not only provided these women with access to the seat of power, it also was quite lucrative financially. Being who they were and operating under the ways that they brought with them, these women may have also bribed their way into the presence of the king.
The fact that Solomon himself had no problem with them petitioning him for justice says that even the leadership had become complacent to the existence of the ungodly in the land, thereby leading the people into corruption through their own sin.

These things being said, take this opportunity to turn your attention to the headlines regarding the newest member of the White House staff. Closeness to the seat of power….

It’s always about an agenda and relationship.

Our complacency has allowed this.

May the LORD give us courage, because we will be required to take back territory, and many of us have ‘feeble knees’.

This is a fight for territory, mainly the marriage covenant GOD HIMSELF ordained and the minds and hearts of our children.

LORD, help us to gird ourselves in the whole armor of GOD. LORD, give us strength to fight the Good Fight of Faith and take back territory, acting justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with YOU, in the Name of JESUS. Amen.

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The Bullying Agenda, Part 2

Know your enemy. We who are in CHRIST only have one. However, know how he uses human beings to carry out his plan.
The homosexual practicing community will attach themselves to any situation that will get you to become emotionally attached. Emotional attachment gets many of us in trouble. We are called to be emotionally mature. That means that we have to know the difference between sentiment (allowing our ‘woowoo, poor you’ backpatting moments to engage us in ungodly alliance with the deliberately rebellious) and compassion (which causes us to judge the spiritual condition righteously, while ministering to the spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical needs of the one who is in darkness.) It means that yes, we feed those who are suffering from disease, but if that disease is caused by ungodly activity, let them know that although GOD is indeed LOVE Personified, their activity is abhorrent to HIM and that the penalty of sin is disease and death…not just in body, but in mind and spirit too.

This is an area that the HOLY SPIRIT’s Counsel is very much needed, because the battle lines of this particular spiritual attack have been drawn, with the use of the media.

Know your enemy. Watch and Pray.

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The Bullying Agenda, Part 1

To Christian parents: Bullying is nothing new. Everyone has been bullied at some point. It is a condition of the fallen state of human beings. It definately proves that your children are not born as little angels. Social issues should be judged and corrected by the WORD of GOD.
Your child wasn’t born ‘born again’. Even if your water broke while you sat in the sanctuary of some church or other, your child is not born again just because they were born to you. Being born again of the SPIRIT of GOD takes a decision…. So how do we protect our children from the wiles of the enemy? First, be born again and serious about it. Read the WORD! GOD bless the men and women in the pulpit, but they are only servants of GOD, not GOD HIMSELF. Know the LORD for yourself! Then lead and guide your children in all truth and encourage them to become born again through a decision they make for themselves. Pray for them, but most of all, pray with them. Teach them how to pray by example. Listen to the Voice of the LORD and show them how to hear from the LORD. If indeed no weapon formed against you shall prosper, why should you or your children be afraid of a bully?

What is bullying?
Bullying is defined as:
the act of intimidating a weaker person to make them do something

And because the Bride of CHRIST is seen as weak, the ungodly try to bully her.

But GOD! is our Shield and Fortress, the Deliverer from all who oppose HIM and HIS people.

Let’s look at bullying from a Biblical Standpoint.
Moses was bullied by Pharoah.
Joseph was bullied by his brothers (see, family can bully too) and Potipher’s wife.
Lot was bullied by the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah.
David was bullied by a lion, a bear and Saul and Goliath.
Elijah was bullied by Jezebel (see, bullying isn’t gender specific.)
Paul was bullied by Rome.
JESUS was bullied by satan in the wilderness….
So, what makes you think you won’t be bullied.
And who won in all these cases?
The list goes on and on….
And did I mention Daniel, whose name was changed to Belteshazzar? He didn’t care if they changed his name, but the administrators and satraps tried to bully him into deserting his GOD, the ONE TRUE and LIVING GOD. And in response, what did Daniel do? He went into the upper room of his house, threw open his windows and prayed to the LORD GOD in the sight of everyone in his neighborhood, even on pain of death.
And he was delivered out of the mouths of the lions, the very lions his jealous bullying co-workers had hoped would eat him up. But who ended up being the lions’ dinner, eh?
To defeat the spirit of intimidation/bullying, strike the head, who is satan, who operates through the bullying human being. Do this with prayer, forgiveness, boldness in the LORD. After all, is not satan the shepherd of his sheep? Then if you strike him with the WORD of GOD, the sWORD of Truth, the spirit of intimidation has to flee.

After all, the LORD GOD has never and will never lose a battle.

May the LORD bless HIS WORD and HIS TEACHING and cause the eyes of HIS people to be opened to the strength thatis theirs by HIS HOLY SPIRIT and in HIS MIGHTY, MATCHLESS NAME!!!
MARANATHA! Come LORD JESUS!Let GOD arise, let GOD arise. LORD, let YOUR enemies be scattered. Ps. 68:1-3
Stop allowing social media dictate to you what is important.
If GOD be for us, who can stand against us?
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Just a thought, 1/17/2011

Not all people are equal. Not all black folks are equal to other black folks and not all white folks are equal to other white folks. This is a multicolored, multicultured world, and none of us is the same as the other. GOD has given various gifts, talents and abilities to each person. If you believe we should treat each other with the respect that we are each due because we are created in the image and likeness of GOD, that is true. But we are not equal as human beings. That is a fallacy.

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